Coal Seam Gas Mining… let’s go with the Science!

After years of being pilloried by Shock Jocks and political opportunists it could well be that our scientists’ views may be of some worth after all.

The issue of Coal Seam Methane (CSM) exploration and production is pitting farmers against miners and no doubt both are using whatever ‘facts’ and logic that will gain a ‘win’ for their respective viewpoints.

But what about the good of our nation as a whole? Who will ensure that our leaders have the true facts at their disposal to make decisions that ensure that one side doesn’t win this argument to the detriment of our environment and/or our future?

The Shadow Environment Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has called for a full study into the effects of CSM production on our aquifers and waterways… and who can argue the necessity of this step, given the importance of this water for our environment and our food production both now and into the future.

One can only hope that the Federal Environment Department can create uniform regulations, based on sound scientific studies that protect our precious water supplies at all cost. At the moment it is in the hands of State Governments but aquifers and rivers do not respect State boundaries. This is very much a national issue.

Surely the CSM companies would appreciate the certainty of one set of regulations Australia wide… even if they are tough.

And our scientific community (especially the CSIRO) would no doubt enjoy being respected and listened too by bothsides of politics again. Hopefully this will be the issue that restores common sense and logic to our environmental Governance.

Coal Seam Gas mining in action

Make up your own mind… you can read:

‘The Case for Coal Seam Gas’ at:

… and

‘The Case Against’ at:

… plus

Malcolm Turnbull’s thoughts:


The QLD Greens' Drew Hutton protests. Source: Courier Mail


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